Saturday, January 24, 2009

hello, world

A handful of postings into this thing, and already the world is stopping by to check it out. Hello Canada, Spain, Singapore. Israel. The United States. The world at your fingertips.

(Israel? Really? How cool is that?)

This blog is changing things for you, bringing life into a more vivid perspective than you could have imagined, back when you started debating this entire undertaking.

Now, you consider things events situations more, you turn them over in your hand, look at them from every angle, take them apart, just to see how they work. And then, you try to put them back together on the page. To write about them in such a way that they will engage inspire encourage others. Whoever might be stopping by for a few minutes. To catch up. To size you up. Or debate you, challenge what you've written.

(What, if anything, will it mean for you, and how you approach this blog, knowing that you have readers from places as intriguing as Israel, among others?)

On the best of days, you write with a cup of coffee at your side. Peet's is preferable, but Starbuck's is closer. Whatever, you'd like to think that somewhere on the other end of this connection, whether just down the freeway, or to the north, or as far east and west of here as you can imagine, someone else is sipping a cup of their own coffee, looking over your shoulder as you take things apart.

(Only this: That you stay true to your integrity as a writer. That you stay present, noticing, taking notes. And that you be gracious and grateful. Always grateful.)

Hello, world, it's a song that we're singing. Come on, get happy.
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