Saturday, February 21, 2009

beautiful day


You are humbled. And amazed. And so... alive.

The 24h World Project kicked off today at 12noon GMT. Because you live in California, you pulled the earliest shift (GMT -8), the one in which your part of the world still lay in complete darkness. And where you live was quiet, and still, and still at rest.

The first images and impressions, captured by bloggers from all around the world today at the exact same time, will be posted here soon and compiled into a movie that will grow with each additional hour that is added (1pm GMT will be next, and so on, until, by the end of a 12-month cycle, we've covered a full 24 hours).

In the meantime, here's a first look at what the world first looked like as February 21 dawned. It's humbling, isn't it? And amazing, this world that is so... alive.

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  1. Pamela,

    Just wanted to thank you for allowing me to participate in the 24h World Project. I look forward to viewing yesterday’s results – kudos on that!

    Also, I have linked your blog to mine at The Scherer Joy of Writing -- ( I hope it drives some traffic your way.

    Keep Writing!

  2. Mike:

    I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Thanks for the link. Yours is on here as well, in my profile.

    Be watching the site for the kick-off video, hopefully up Thursday.