Wednesday, April 8, 2009

24h world: the march video edition now online

We combined March date stamps to create an awesome retrospective video for 24h World, complete with photos, voiceover, original music courtesy of this guy, and ticker-tape headlines from around the globe.
It's included in the blog entries for the March 21 date stamp (scroll down till you see the video), and you can check it here.

Next date stamp to be announced soon.
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  1. To be perfectly honest... I really like the videos more than the stills -- must be the screenwriter in me ;-) Keep up the great work. At the end of the year you will have a wonderful piece of work, although.....
    I do have a bone to pick with you. Both of my shots were listed under New York City and not Raleigh :-(

    Defy Gravity -- Keep Writing!

  2. Actually, the thing with the global markers is that they happen as the video progresses from continent to continent, not date stamp to date stamp. We had to make that decision to minimize the number of times you see the globe, else it would get very busy.

    Susan has come up with a new system, however, and Raleigh shall be proudly displayed (if we can make it work).

    Thanks for the note, and representing for the NC.


  3. Pamela,

    I was not totally serious about the NYC thing... just kidding around, but if it's not too much trouble... ;-)

    Best regards,

  4. No, it's okay. I know how you Raleigh...ens? ettes? ers? get about locale. We'll do our best to make it more obvious that we're in NC.