Monday, March 9, 2009

next 24h world date stamp: friday, march 13 1p gmt

What would a 24h World date stamp be without Friday the 13th chiming in?

Next date stamp is set for this Friday, March 13 at 1p GMT. Charge up the camera, set the alarm clock, and get ready to take your best shot.

New to this whole date stamp thing? Check out the first installment in this year-long, international blogging experiment featuring some of the most talented writers the world over, right here.

Want to join in? All are welcome. Guidelines here.

Watch yer back, Friday the 13th. This time, all eyes'll be on you, when world'll be noticing, taking notes.
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  1. Least I won't have to get up early -- I'll already be at work. I guess the next set of pictures I take will almost be as exciting as the last ;-)

    Keep Writing!

  2. Ha! Well, mine will still be in the dark, as it'll only be 5 a.m. There might be some light from the ocean. Here's hoping.

    At least the date stamp project might make you look at work differently, if only for that moment?

    Looking forward to the result.